Mesh vs Solid Dish

Discussion of large prime focus satellite dishes used for C-Band signal reception.
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Re: Mesh vs Solid Dish

Post by tvroadmin » Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:16 am

Fatso has it right. Most are too broke to buy a big dish, especially a commercial solid one, even if they wanted to. Our sponsors could build them, but they would just sit in the warehouse for years. I've been told even the TV stations are buying mesh to save money these days. People complain about a hundred dollar controller and a fifty dollar lnb and millions are cancelling directv and dish with no end in site because they can't afford to pay a hundred bucks a month. Been to the grocery store lately? You can hardly fill two bags of groceries with a hundred bucks. Dined out lately? Dinner for 2 will set you back fifty bucks if not more. The only ones doing well these days are the money printers on Wall Street... :frown

It was the opposite forty years ago. The producers were in charge and not the financial parasites. To give you an idea of how low America has fallen, I have it on good word, that a certain US manufacturer of feed horns, that recently shuttered their doors, had revenues of nearly fifty million in 1985!!! :wink

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Re: Mesh vs Solid Dish

Post by tek2000 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:19 pm

Victoria and all,

I was contemplating the idea of modifying our polar mount used for our 15' mesh and using it on a 12' solid and similarly using the 13.5' mesh polar mount on the 10' solid. We may in fact end up doing this later in the year and offer large polar mount solids for sale. There is a problem though, besides cost, and that is wind loading. For best results, you will need to mount these solids on an 8" and 10" post respectively. Since such large diameter posts are not readily available, you may have to buy them from us. Wind load calculations are shown in the table below. Notice how forces can easily exceed 2,000 kg on the solid 12'!


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