Why are c-band dishes so expensive???

Discussion of large prime focus satellite dishes used for C-Band signal reception.
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Re: Why are c-band dishes so expensive???

Post by fatso » Mon May 08, 2017 9:38 pm

jess76 wrote:I think the real "clincher" came with the 1996 FCC ruling[in the US] limiting dish size to 39"[1m].
That was the nail in the coffin...the corpse had been rotting for a long time. :deadhorse2:

Even without the 1996 FCC ruling, if the programmers scrambled all the content and only dealt with dbs, it would have been game over.

It is interesting to see how the industry is evolving today. Some programmers like HBO and MLB have started streaming directly to the customer, bypassing cable execs. Similar to how it used to be with c band. I think the programmers would love to cut out the middle man altogether, but streaming isn't reliable yet and has to be compressed like crazy, while c band suffers from big dish syndrome.

If the c band industry (or what is left of it), did some serious R&D and developed a compact ultra-low-noise antenna (possibly a torroidal smart antenna measuring 6'x3') that could electronically lock every sat over a range of say 70 degrees and wasn't an eye sore or too hard to install and maintain, and the c band sat operators cranked out more rf power and if the programmers issued inexpensive stbs with smartcards to access their programming, they could cut out the middle men and fatten their own bottom line in no time. :bouncybouncy

But I digress...most of these programmers will never think outside the box and will stay in bed with cable until the cord cutting revolution strangles them both to death.
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Re: Why are c-band dishes so expensive???

Post by tvroadmin » Mon May 15, 2017 1:21 am

realistic wrote:I want to get into c-band but after having a look around, it seems a 10' dish will set you back $3,000 to $5,000. :verysad I looked at Viking, Dhsatellite and a few others. Why so expensive? :noidea:
Our sponsors sell inexpensive mesh c band antennas. Prices range from $269 - $1400 USD depending on the size. If you don't have enough cash laying around to make your antenna purchase, you can finance the purchase through paypal, ebay or amazon. Financing starts at $36 per month for up to 2yrs for qualified buyers who are members at paypal, ebay or amazon.

$36 per month is less than the average cable subscription and the antenna is yours to keep. Plus, you will have access to hundreds of channels, many in master HD!

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