Pay-TV at a 'Crossroads' - End is nearer than most think

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Re: Pay-TV at a 'Crossroads' - End is nearer than most think

Post by fatso » Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:11 pm

According to TSReader bitrates, these channels should be in HD

History, ID, Food, HGTV, Epix East, Starz East, CNN, Discovery, TNT

Can you check the picture quality since you have the service?

If Orby is indeed broadcasting some channels in HD, they should say so on their webpage. The channels above all have average bitrates greater than 1.5 mbps while the rest are averaging substantially below. Until someone verifies for sure, they could just be high quality SD which may explain why orby is mum on the issue.

If you have a newer smart TV, it should display the picture resolution.

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Re: Pay-TV at a 'Crossroads' - End is nearer than most think

Post by Z_finigan » Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:01 am

I will do it tomorrow. I forgot to pay today. And after 11pm.

So It seems. I can not log into my account. When they are closed.

I plan to put up the video. As I choose my package. And add movie channels to my list. I'm going to record me paying. And the box coming back on. At the same time

It kinda reminds me of websams. When we had 4dtv from the programming center. Except. You could add service 24 hours a day.

Now I'll have to check into the resolution of my TV.
It does say the it is 1080p. But it does not change. If that happens. The box takes care of it. Just like my fta boxes. They do it too.

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