Death and (TVRO) Taxes - Read if you plan to purchase a big dish

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Death and (TVRO) Taxes - Read if you plan to purchase a big dish

Post by tvroadmin » Tue Jul 07, 2020 4:23 am

If anyone is planning to buy a big satellite dish in the near future, you need to be aware of all the new state taxes being introduced and specifically targeting ebay, amazon and other large online distributors. Basically, all the idiot Governors locked down their states and killed off small business owners, which in many cases means a decline of 50% or more in state revenues. To claw back some of this lost revenue, they have been introducing online sales taxes targeting online sellers, especially the big guys. The online retailers challenged these new tax laws all the way to the Supreme Court and lost, so the taxes are now being applied.

Some of you have been asking around the forums why you pay tax at one place and not at another? Or why one state collects taxes but another doesn't? Our sponsors have nothing to do with these taxes. If they sell something on ebay, amazon, etc., those retailers have to comply with applicable tax laws and charge you if your state has such tax laws. The tax rate will also vary.

Please see the attachments below. They show when the new online taxes go into effect for each state. :eek:


Please keep this in mind. Also remember that ebay charges a 10% commission and amazon a 15% commission on top of any tax. Needless to say, it all adds up and our sponsors increase their prices accordingly if selling on ebay, amazon, etc. For some reason, consumers feel safer buying at these places because they think ebay, amazon has their back in case something goes wrong. Consumers are also under the impression that ebay and amazon actually stock all the items they sell, but that is not true. They are mostly middle men and have contracted others (like our sponsors) to drop ship for them.

To make a long story short, if you want to pay the lowest price, buy directly from our sponsors at their websites:

They will ship you the exact same products from the same warehouse. The only difference is you get a lower price since their is no commission paid to the middle men and since they are not located in the USA, they are not subject to US laws and therefore, do not collect any taxes for any US state. For a large purchase like a C band dish, which might cost around USD $1500, you will save USD $150 on commissions and anywhere between USD $50 - $100 on online sales tax. That is a LOT of money, which you can use to buy a month's worth or more of groceries!

Our sponsors are only required to fill out the customs paperwork. Since the goods are coming from Canada, the NAFTA agreement formerly applied and now the USCMA (United States Canada Mexico Agreement) applies. There is no tariff or customs taxes on manufactured antennas and related items (code 8529.10). Therefore, you are not subjected to any further taxes beyond the price you pay on the sponsors website. And don't worry about any delivery issues. If something is missing or damaged, our sponsors will work with you to make it right! :thankyousign:

As already mentioned, USCMA has replaced NAFTA effective July 1, 2020. The only changes are on auto, aluminum and steel tariffs. Trump previously put aluminum/steel tariffs on China, but the Chinese were sneaking :finger these commodities into the USA via Canada and Mexico. The Chinese government subsidizes the production of aluminum/steel, which is why it is so cheap. Well, that is ending now and prices for those materials will go up in the USA, which means, if you try to buy an antenna from an American antenna manufacturer (there are only a few commercial antenna manufacturers left and no consumer manufacturers), the price will almost certainly be going up and their prices were very expensive to begin with. Same with American autos.

So now you know the facts if you are interested in buying the item pictured below.


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