(7th Generation) 12' Mesh Antenna Pre-Orders

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(7th Generation) 12' Mesh Antenna Pre-Orders

Post by tek2000 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:00 am


First off, Happy New Year to everyone!! All the best in 2018. :bigsmile

Our 7th Generation, 12' Mesh Antennas are arriving in late January. You can pre-order these antennas now for $849 USD and save $100 USD. We expect to ship them out by Feb. 01, 2018. Thereafter, the new price will be $949 USD to reflect the extra fabrication costs.

Improvements are:

-Larger Arm
-Stronger Collar
-Thicker gauge steel
-All around nut welds
-Pre-drilled holes for the feed arms to allow fine adjustments and peaking.

You can pre-order at:

Tek2000 7th Generation 12' Mesh Dish

Thank you for your continued support!!

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