Hooked the Orby to a 4x8 powered switch..

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Hooked the Orby to a 4x8 powered switch..

Post by Z_finigan » Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:58 pm

This is an update.
I told you I got the new lnb. It works good..
I decided to hook it to my 4x8 switch.
I did learn. Orby works on the port the is 22k 13v.

I am excited to see this.
One because now my Orby can be moved to any room. . In the house. Just using my system that I installed.

It also opens up the door now to this week's project..

I wanted my system to be able to use both satellites..
C band and ku band. 2 independent satellites.
I'm going to hook back up my 2nd satellite controller.
I'm going to keep c band the way it is. 1 to 20 which will be controller box 1
30 and up for the ku satellite. Controller box 2..

What I'm hoping for is my main box to control everything..

So I'll have full control of both satellites. And 90% of the time my ku will be parked on Orby satellite. I don't see a lot on ku except pbs that I will watch.


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