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New DCII Forum

Post by tvroadmin » Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:17 am

Due to popular demand, we have opened a forum for posting DCII feeds.


To view such feeds you need a used commercial Arris/Motorola receiver: DSR-4410, DSR-6000, DSR-6050, DSR-6100.

These receivers can decode the digicipher 2 standard, which is different from the DVB-S/S2 standard. It seems these commercial receivers operate in 3 modes:

1. ZK Mode: Signals are unscrambled and can be legally intercepted and viewed pursuant to section 605(b) of the US Code.

2. FP Mode: Signals are scrambled with a fixed key that resides in every DSR receiver that has been authorized. Technically, you can view these signals with a commercial DSR receiver, but it is not clear if section 605(a) applies since the receivers have been authorized for the use of communications by the provider when purchased (used) and section 605(a) deals with the unauthorized use of communications.

3. MP Mode: Signals scrambled with a modified or changing key. Only DSR receivers authorized by the provider can unscramble these signals and section 605(a) definitely protects this communication. You will not be able to view these signals and please don't start any discussions about breaking MP mode, which is probably impossible anyway. If the provider doesn't want us watching, they can flip the switch to MP mode and end of story.

We have changed the rules to allow discussions and posting of ZK/FP feeds. The DCII standard is like a parallel universe to the well known DVB-S standard. To explore the world of free-to-air DCII, you will need to purchase a DSR receiver. The cheapest and most popular seems to be the DSR-6000. You can find them for sale on ebay, amazon and other places. I am told you can setup your DSR receiver to stream content directly to your Engima 2 box, so no need to mess with the DSR after it has been configured.

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