New Master Channel Listings - March 19, 2019

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New Master Channel Listings - March 19, 2019

Post by tvroadmin » Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:46 am

If you are NEW to C-band or recently purchased an Enigma2/Linux satellite receiver, the best way to get going is to load our listings to your box. These are the latest up-to-date program listings for North America. Every transponder across the satellite arc has been scanned and stored in the appropriate orbital location. Programs that are FTA have been conveniently placed in the C-band and Ku-band bouquets for easy access.

New Master List dated March 19, 2019. Download it here:

Master Listings - March 19, 2019

You need the latest Dream Set Editor to load to your receiver:

Follow the instructions here: ... 245&t=4768

It includes software blindscan for those receivers without hardware blindscan. You can load it to your ZGemmaH7 4K, ZGemmaH9 4K, Octogan 4K, Edision 4K and most other Enigma 2 UHD receivers. It includes all known FTA programs/feeds (both C-band and Ku-band) across the Clarke Belt between 30°W to 133°W. The encrypted programming has also been stored in the appropriate orbital location, which you can periodically check to see if any are unscrambled.

If you are using an older Enigma 2 box (non-4k), then you need to manually remove the software blindscan files because most of the old receivers have insufficient memory to store them and your box will hang after programming.

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Re: New Master Channel Listings - March 19, 2019

Post by belter-one » Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:50 am

Thank you,

For the effort on getting this done. We will load this up asap.

Very much appreciated, :thanks


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