Sorry Out of Stock on 12 Footers for now

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Sorry Out of Stock on 12 Footers for now

Post by tek2000 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:08 am


This morning I noticed the 12 footer mesh antennas are sold out. Quite a few sold last week and some more yesterday. I thought our stock from last year might last a few more months, but it appears the larger antennas are in demand by the local TV stations. My apologies to those who received quotes recently and were ready to purchase. If you are a home satellite tv enthusiast, please consider purchasing our 10 footer. It will get the job done and prices are lower since you are not competing with the TV stations.

We have 12', 13.5' and 15' (latest consumer and commercial model) antennas in production at the factory and arrival of new stock to our main warehouse is scheduled for late May/2019. :bananna: If you are a TV station or home satellite enthusiast and want one of the larger antennas just sit tight because they are on the way. I will start taking pre-orders for these in early May. You get a 15% discount off the regular price posted on our website when you pre-order, which is equivalent to free shipping!

As always, thanks to our many loyal customers who buy from us and we look forward to serving you again soon.


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