Bell Canada wants to Jail Streamers, Tax Netflix and Regulate Amazon

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Bell Canada wants to Jail Streamers, Tax Netflix and Regulate Amazon

Post by tvroadmin » Fri May 31, 2019 12:48 am

Is that all they want? :lol:

Bell Canada Calls For Piracy Crackdown, Tax On Netflix (But Not CraveTV)
By Daniel Tencer 05/29/2019 17:33 EDT

The telecom’s proposals would risk starting a trade war with the U.S., a University of Ottawa professor is warning.

A prominent expert in Canadian digital law is warning that Canada could find itself in a trade war with the U.S. if it applied the telecom policies that Bell Canada is advocating.

That’s just one of many problems that Michael Geist, the Canada chair in e-Commerce and Internet Law at the University of Ottawa, sees with Bell’s recent submission to a committee looking at overhauling Canada’s telecom laws.

The running theme from Bell is a simple one: regulate others, but not us,” Geist wrote in a blog post.

He obtained Bell’s submission through an access to information request. The federal review panel hasn’t made submissions publicly available. Some of them are available on the website of the Forum for Research and Policy in Communications.

Among the issues Geist highlights is Bell’s assertion that the law “should be amended … to create a system that disables access in Canada to sites that are blatantly, structurally or overwhelmingly engaged in content theft.”

Bell is also calling for a new law that would make it a crime to “operate, advertise, supply or sell or offer to sell” an unauthorized streaming service. Such a law would mean “widespread criminalization of anyone even tangentially associated with unauthorized online video streaming,” Geist wrote.

Source: Huffington Post

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Re: Bell Canada wants to Jail Streamers, Tax Netflix and Regulate Amazon

Post by Blackloz » Sun Jun 02, 2019 2:13 am

The only ones that should be jailed are the executives at Bell. This company is so stupid. All the Canadian channels being streamed around the world are coming from Bell satellite. Dealers around the world are selling Bell's channels for less than the price of a lollipop. :icecreamcone Did you know most of the channels on Set TV were being streamed from Bell accounts? I wonder how many billions in losses Bell is causing to other cable companies thanks to their bad security and stupidity? :hammerme:

Bell also operates the forum where they actively encourage the sale of illegal iptv subscriptions, including of their own channels. :retarded If you don't believe me, go and see. Most of those forum admins are Canadians working for Bell and probably Nagra. So even though Bell tries to play the victim, in reality, they are the criminal.

This is nothing new. Bell allowed satellite piracy to flourish many years ago before they were sued. ... n-1.527262

Now they are advertising their crimes on public forums for all to see. This company has zero credibility and nobody should listen to them.

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Re: Bell Canada wants to Jail Streamers, Tax Netflix and Regulate Amazon

Post by fatso » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:35 pm

Bell is upset and teething because Amazon has been licensed to offer a live tv streaming service in Canada. ... -1.5159748

Unless Bell can stop them with their dirty tricks, this will be the beginning of the end for their entrenched tv oligopoly as streaming titans from the USA start doing business Canada. Bell narrowly avoided economic disaster in the 1990s when DirecTV satellite started doing business in Canada. Many Canadians were already subscribing to DirecTV long before Bell started their own satellite service, which would have failed, of they hadn't bribed politicians to change the law and make DirecTV illegal in Canada.

You can bet they will try their same dirty tricks this time around, but Amazon has pretty deep pockets too.
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Re: Bell Canada wants to Jail Streamers, Tax Netflix and Regulate Amazon

Post by Arion » Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:01 pm

Bunch of sharks in the water fighting over the piece of meat getting smaller every day. Ten or fifteen years ago if you didn't have cable there were few options other than to go with satellite or OTA with the three local channels. Fast forward and there are many different options for 'tv'. These companies have not only priced themselves out of the market but most of them produce a bunch of crap that is marketed as either news or entertainment and you not only have to pay for it but then almost fifteen minutes out of every hour you have to endure insufferable commercials that either insult your intelligence or are just plain irritating. And they can't figure out why they are withering on the vine.
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