Email Blockade

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Email Blockade

Post by tek2000 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:52 pm


It seems some large corporations like AT&T and Comcast are blocking our email communications to you. If you are using AT&T or Comcast or don't hear a reply from us, I suggest you use a Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo email account to contact us. Those work fine as do accounts with smaller internet providers. If we are blocked when responding, we will try to contact you from another email server that does not exactly match our official domain, so don't get worried, it is really us.

These corporations seem to think they can blockade email communications originating outside of the USA for whatever reason that pleases them. AT&T received an email from our lawyer advising them of legal action if they continued the blockade. They seem to have gotten the message and lifted the blockade.

I suggest people in the USA don't use these large internet providers. They seem to be involved in a conspiracy to mess with email communications from companies located outside of the USA who do not use American based servers (like theirs) :lame: for business activities. How pathetic is that?

These giant corps must be on their last legs if they have to play games like this...
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