Customers sue DirecTV over high prices

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Customers sue DirecTV over high prices

Post by tvroadmin » Tue Jun 23, 2020 10:19 pm

It's starting folks. All those trillions being printed by your Federal Reserve Bank are causing prices to rise, including pay TV prices. DirecTV is doubling their monthly rates on subscribers and people don't like it, so they are suing them: ... -discounts

This will end badly, just like it did in Venezuela. DirecTV simply walked away from 1.9 million subs in Venezuela because price controls on satellite TV made it impossible to make a profit. Well, the same forces are at work here. No price controls yet, but, dramatic price hikes are coming for all these pay TV services, thanks to the money printers who think they can replace human labor (the real source of all capital) with financial bubbles caused by issuing Federal Reserve confetti notes. :finger

Either the tsunami of monetary inflation will force DirecTV to price 95% of their customers out of the pay TV market, or, government price controls on pay TV will cause them to pull the plug on 15 million subs, just like they did in Venezuela.

Suing the pay TV providers will not work. The only way to survive this pay TV massacre will be to change your TV viewing habits a bit and watching more FTA TV! In the USA, that pretty much means C Band / Ku Band Satellite TV and terrestrial OTA TV. It is all free, legal and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much excellent content is available. Many of you have been busy over the past few weeks buying LNBFs, controllers, actuators and other parts to refurbish your old C Band antennas, and our sponsors salute you. :hat

Our sponsors and have everything you need to survive the coming pay TV massacre. From complete satellite TV systems and hard to find parts, they have you covered. Please don't hesitate to contact them today!

Installing your own C Band Dish and programming your satellite receiver is a piece of cake. Just follow our step-by-step TVRO Satellite Guides.






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