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Dish Heaters now in stock

Post by tek2000 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 5:08 am

Brrrrrrrr....if old man winter is causing havoc with your tvro dish, we may have the right product for you: actuator heating kits

For those of you who live in cold climates, heating your actuator is a must, otherwise, it will become very sluggish in the cold and will stop working altogether when the temperature dips below -15 C. The other problem you will experience with cold weather is positioning problems because a slow moving actuator outputs smaller amplitude voltage pulses from the reed sensor which of course will cause miscounts.

You can get around both of these problems by outfitting your actuator with one of our heating kits. We now sell heating cables and insulators for both 24inch and 36inch actuators as well as fully winterized actuators. Your actuator will run trouble free down to -40 C.

Please visit our store for the latest tvro dish products. ... 0Heater-ND ... 0Heater-ND

actuator_heater_0.jpg (15.22 KiB) Viewed 4064 times
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