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Openbox Knock-off - Phase 2 Now if Effect

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:45 pm
by unclebob
It looks like the brass :gathering: over at xxxxxxxxxxx have gotten the green light to proceed with phase 2 of their evil :reddevil: plan to wipe out Rainier. :fighting

They have been given orders to promote an inexpensive receiver ($26.84) sold on ebay that will decode 16PSK (i.e. America's Top 50HD on 97W) in addition to xxxxxxx and all other FTA. :watchingtv It looks like they have already sold over 167,000 of these receivers. Without a doubt, Charlie's stooges are behind that ebay store. :3stooges:

Edited: No commercial links to ebay. No promoting piracy equipment. Next time you will be banned.

Stay tuned for information regarding Rainier's imminent funeral arrangements.


Re: Openbox Knock-off - Phase 2 Now if Effect

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:44 pm
by satdish
It has been found out that unclebob (aka many other usernames too) works for DIRT from Dish Network at Scottys site. He don't even have a c band dish. :pointing: :rotflmao:

He can take this to the brass as he call it there. Kiss my :mooning

He needs to wait and see as to what Rainier has up there sleeve :thumbsup :thumbsup :toofunny :respect :coolsign. He and his brAsses won't like what they will be seeing I guarantee that. :bouncybouncy

Unclebob forgets to tell you one thing as to phase 3 of the Brasses plan. Once you get all comfy with the bitstarved crap signal on 97, Charlie will be pulling the free plug and will be offering you a chance to subscribe to dish network with 2 year terms with all the BS glory that goes with a pizza sub on ku band as those signals on c band will be gone.

A sucker is born every minute, sorry UncleJFOKBoob I let the cat out of the bag. :wink

Word of friendly advice JOEBOOB. You have some really deep seated hate issues against Glen. You really should seek professional help before its too late.

Re: Openbox Knock-off - Phase 2 Now if Effect

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:12 pm
by fatso
Go away bob you are not welcome here. :tongue