Pocket C Band Arrives - 1.8m (6ft) Prime Focus Mesh Antennas in stock!

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Pocket C Band Arrives - 1.8m (6ft) Prime Focus Mesh Antennas in stock!

Post by tek2000 » Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:24 am

Hi All,

Tek2000.com and our affiliates now stock high performance 1.8m (6ft) (pocket) c/ku band polar mount prime focus mesh satellite dishes. If you do NOT have room for a larger antenna but still want to dabble in c band satellite, then this is the perfect dish for you!

We are not going to make cheap promises and tell you that this antenna will be a panacea for c band, because it isn't! This antenna is NOT a substitute for an oversized 10ft TVRO that is considered essential by most serious c band enthusiasts today. However, many of you contacted us over the past few months wanting to get involved with c band television but either were limited by space or HOA restrictions.

The solution is our 1.8m (6ft) (pocket) c/ku band satellite dish which is compact and lightweight (only weighs 38 lbs). It can be mounted in a backyard patio, apartment/condo balcony or on the side or roof of your house/garage just like a smaller ku band dish. Forget about using a conical scalar ring to turn your ku band dish into a c band dish because it will NOT work! Buy this dish instead and receive both bands!

This dish size will receive approximately 50% of North American c band satellite broadcasts. In fact, it will receive almost ALL standard definition DVB-S signals and probably 25% of high-definition DVB-S2 signals depending on your location. You will also receive almost all ku band satellite signals.

It can be used as a stationary antenna (includes lock down bar) or fully motorized with an actuator (not included) to track multiple satellites. The aesthetic appeal of this mesh dish makes it perfect for urban areas where space is restricted but reliable c/ku band reception is required.

Note: This is our 5th generation model with heavy-duty mount and superior steel construction.

You can purchase our new (pocket) c/ku band dish in our store:

http://www.tek2000.com/cgi-bin/web.cgi? ... %20Dish-ND

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