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Heavy-duty Actuators, C/Ku LNBs and 5150/5750 C LNBs

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:24 pm
by tek2000
Some more goodies just arrived in our warehouse.

-Heavy-duty 36-inch and 48-inch SuperJack actuators. These have a tube diameter of 2-inches. They are intended for the larger mesh dishes and heavier steel dishes.

-C/Ku combo LNBFs

-5150/5750 dual C LNBFs

-Combo Circular/Linear C LNBFs

I will put them in the store later and let our affiliates know that they can offer them for sale. Those who pre-ordered some of this stuff - it ships on Monday!

Re: Heavy-duty Actuators, C/Ku LNBs and 5150/5750 C LNBs

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:09 pm
by tek2000
Some pictures of our actuator family
Keep in mind that the 'QARL' SuperJack is the heavy-duty type and is recommended for dishes 10ft in diameter or larger. 'HARL' is the regular-duty actuator and is recommended for smaller dish sizes.

We also beefed up the SuperJack Controller with a larger transformer to drive these heavy-duty actuators. It now comes in a cool grey case

Finally, C/Ku combo LNBFs are back in stock. Once again, this is a new design and you will find the c band reception side has been improved a bit over the last one we sold. You will need a 2x1 switch to combine the c and ku outputs on this model (also found in our store).