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Old School C-Band Orthomode Feeds in stock

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 5:55 am
by tek2000

C-Band orthomode feeds are now back in stock. These feeds are typically used by the cable head-ends to separate and simultaneously receive the V and H polarities. You can run the outputs to a switch and feed multiple receivers. You can also use this setup with a single receiver, but you will have to separate your channels into H and V polarities. This can be easily accomplished with the ZGemma 4K receiver which has a dual DVB-S2 tuner.

These orthomode feeds also come with "mini" LNBs which means they will fit under most feed covers (including the one sold with our antennas) and stay dry.

You can purchase below:

C-Band Orthomode Feed

As usual, we have the lowest prices and will not be undersold!! :thumbsup

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