A Message from Jeff Schumann of Manhattan Digital

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A Message from Jeff Schumann of Manhattan Digital

Post by Tim » Sat Feb 01, 2020 3:01 am

Please pass it on.

I normally do not send to such a wide audience. Due to the subject manner, I thought it would be best.

At first I thought this was a stupid article and waste of time. But again, to prove a point, I think this is something that needs to be addressed before we sell all of our bandwidth away for myths that certain companies put upon the marketplace. The old adage of baking a cake and eating all of it too, just does not fit here!

First to prove that your technology actually works in the market for practical reasons should be required and this has not happened in real life with 5G. Then just adding a simple repeater is the most logical choice for any rural setting.

To me broadcasting TV & radio over 5G,,,,, is just stupid! Building products that can handle different medias make much more sense! Now they are talking about 6G already! Isn't this like 5K & 8K?

BBC Assesses 5G’s Broadcast Capability - Radio World

Analytics; tells us that 20% of Cell users in the USA do not have a smartphone, me included. While 5% of our population do not have a cell phone. So 25% of our population will be forced to purchase a smartphone to enjoy radio & local TV in the marketplace while they travel. Why do you think they want to deploy 5G in the rural area?

Conclusion; Upon our up-coming deployment of our ATSC 3.0 boxes in various configurations, we question the lack of fore-front and effort from our federal government through the FCC in selling the peoples bandwidth for no reason. More important, the monopolies this create is very disturbing and alarming.

The FCC is mandated by the people of this country to allow all local stations of TV and Radio to be heard everywhere. While this has been and repeatedly been bucked down the road by our Federal Government and the FCC. As I continue to hear from consumers in the rural area that they cannot get local channels, in most cases a simple repeater would be in order. A multi-purpose one at that would satisfy these consumers usage needs. This is mandated by our laws in this country and to be deployed by the FCC. Why they sell our UHF Bandwidth, the FCC wants the wireless industry to do their job. We need a better way to elect our FCC commissioners because they do not work for the people who pay their salaries. They work on behalf of political parties. I do not see that in our constitution that political parties run our country.

We can argue about this all day long, but the above story tells the real story. Deploying one service against existing and future technology is not the benefit to consumers and businesses.

Our new ATSC 3.0 boxes will deploy not only local broadcast, but IP as well. Then Manhattan-Digital will have additional ATSC 3.0 boxes that will run World Local Broadcast Standards such as T & T2, which is used in most of the world. In addition to T, T2 and ATSC 3.0, our Manhattan box can run cable and Satellite in their new compression format of S2X, all in one box. A box smaller than your hand!

So if can deploy this in a box, why cannot if be done in a phone to receive local broadcast of TV and most important, radio stations. This will only free-up more bandwidth which still cannot be carried through these wireless services effectively. No-one media service cannot do it all effectively at this time. The future may be different, but stifling future technology is whats happening when only a few companies are allowed to deploy it!

My suggestion is to contact your congressional people and support not selling our bandwidth. Which in turn will take all of our satellite systems away. So in turn we take away all of competition and new technology being deployed to give consumers options. Isn't that what our country was built on "Freedom" of choice?

Jeff Schumann

Note: Feel free to pass this along.

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Re: A Message from Jeff Schumann of Manhattan Digital

Post by tvroadmin » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:13 am

So what, is Jeff releasing a 4:2:2 capable UHD receiver with ATSC3.0 tuner? A tall order to fill, but if he has it, he should consider getting in touch with our sponsors. They can sell his receiver with each new c-band dish sale.

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