Rust removal from mast helmet bolts.

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Rust removal from mast helmet bolts.

Post by belter-one » Wed Dec 11, 2019 12:57 pm


I had difficulty in finding the right size bolt for the pole mast helmet on our 10 foot dish we purchased from tek2000. My best guess is that the bolts are either 13mm or 14mm. The hardware stores around here do not seem to carry these, so I decided to remove the rust, re-paint and lube them, one by one. For rust removal this appeared to work quite well:

1. Soak the bolt(s) in white vinegar for about an hour.
2. Rinse and use a soft wire brush to remove what rust is able to be removed.
3. Mix 1/4 cup baking soda with circa 1 teaspoon or so of cream of tartar.
4. Add and mix in enough hydrogen peroxide solution to make a paste.
5. Immerse the bolt into the paste, letting sit for at least an hour.
6. Rinse and scrub with a soft wire brush. Repeat steps 3 - 6 if necessary.
7. Dry the bolt, and paint the bolt.
8. When the paint has dried, lube the bolt, if desired and install it.

This worked quite well. I am going to use this approach to remove the rust from the dish parts that cannot be replaced with anodized bolts and such. Does anyone have a better solution to rust than this?

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Re: Rust removal from mast helmet bolts.

Post by tvroadmin » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:51 pm

I recommended to tek2000 that they should powder coat the two long screws and cap bolts on the collar and the 8 strong bolts that hold the reflector to the mount. These are the only ones that will rust over time. The little bolts that stitch the panels together I believe are stainless or brass and don`t rust. Maybe they are doing it for there next production run. Theoretically, nothing should rust after that.

Scratching my head :scratchingmyhead: and trying to recall the principles of chemical corrosion, two dissimilar metals always rust when they come into contact with each other. The bolts and mount are composed of a different metal alloys, so they rust. I would just lay all the bolts you got on a piece of cardboard and spray paint them black. It won`t be as good a powder coating, but should do the trick. Also check the mount for any chipping or premature corrosion and give that a spray too.

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