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SatHero 100HD Meter

Post by tek2000 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:40 am

Quick and correct alignment of a C-Band satellite dish can be accomplished if you have the correct tools.

One tool everyone should have is an inexpensive satellite meter like the SatHero 100HD Meter. Without such a meter, you will have to take your receiver and a small tv out into the field for alignment. This is highly undesirable.

You can purchase the meter here: ... ro100HD-ND

Our meters come pre-programmed with all major C-Band satellite transponders over North America. If you wish to edit or add your own transponders, please follow these steps:

1. Download the Excel file

2. Open it in Microsoft Excel and edit the frequency, symbol rates and polarity of the transponder you are interested in. You can always add a new row with new transponder information too. Be sure to preceed the satellite name with a # tag. The second column is the longitude location. The 3rd and 4th columns indicate the IF frequency of your LNB (usually 5150). Subsequent rows start with 0, followed by frequency (in GHz), Symbol Rate (in MSymbols) and Polarity (V or H). Here is an example:

#135W 135 5150 5150
0 3720 30000 V

It is really that simple.

3. After you complete your list, save it and download the following utility:

4. Open your file using this tool and click on save. Give the output file a name and the program will generate the .bin file.

5. Plug a USB cable into your Sathero 100HD meter. Your computer will recognize the meter and will display a device drive for it.

6. Copy and paste your .bin file into the Sathero 100HD meter (like copying a file to a flash memory stick).

Your SatHero 100HD meter is now programmed and can be used to align your C-Band dish out in the field.
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