Out-of-Stock on 13.5' but some 12' antennas left

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Out-of-Stock on 13.5' but some 12' antennas left

Post by tek2000 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:04 am


We are sold out of 13.5' antennas! Many small TV and radio stations buy this antenna size and they are now all gone. We still have 12' antennas in stock (2018 models), but these will probably sell out by the end of September. We have plenty of 10' and 8' antennas and don't expect these to sell out until the end of the year. :bigsmile

If you were planning to install a 12 footer this year, you might want to buy sooner rather than later. It seems more of you went for the bigger antennas this year, which I didn't anticipate. We have more antennas under fabrication, but they won't be available until early 2019. I just wanted to let everyone know because last time around some of you were waiting 2-3 months to get your antennas! Also, prices in 2019 will be going up slightly because of the Trump tariffs on aluminum and steel. :sad: Prior to the tariffs, the Chinese government was subsidizing steel mills so they could dump cheap metal in the USA market in order to shutdown domestic production. We were also benefiting from this cheap metal and passing the savings on to the customer. Now that Trump has thrown a wrench into these trade games, the Chinese have throttled back on the subsidies so their own market doesn't get flooded with cheap metals. This is causing the price of metals to rise worldwide. You can expect to pay more for everything from actuators and antennas to automobiles and jet travel. To freeze prices, I have placed a rather large deposit for raw materials with the fabricators.

We are also fabricating some monster 16' (5.0m) antennas. These will have steel ribs and heavy-duty steel rear support joists, in addition to a heavy-duty mount and 8" O.D. pipe mount. We are targeting the TV and radio stations and university astronomy departments. Backyard satellite enthusiasts and amateur astronomers are also welcome to purchase, but you might want to discuss with your wives :cheekkiss first because we won't be held responsible for any divorce proceedings :doh as a result of such a purchase! :wink

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