International Shipping of C-Band Antennas

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International Shipping of C-Band Antennas

Post by tek2000 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 4:41 am


Whether you need a single antenna or a hundred, and you are located outside the USA and Canada, we have you covered!

We are now offering economical freight shipping :bananna: for our large c-band antennas to the following destinations:

Caribbean: ~ $300 USD (15 - 20 days)
Latin / South America: ~ $400 USD (20 - 30 days)
Greenland / Iceland: ~ $500 USD (25 - 30 days)
Western Europe / Africa: ~ $600 USD (30 - 35 days)
Eastern Europe / Middle East: ~ $700 USD (35 - 40 days)
Asia /Australia: ~ $900 USD (45 days)

The above rates are estimates for shipping a single 12ft (3.5m) mesh antenna. Prices will vary based on destination and weight/volume. Customs duties and delivery charges from your local port are extra. In addition to antennas, we can also ship actuators, poles, bases, roof mounts and anything else you find in out store. In general, the more antennas you order, the cheaper the shipping charges per antenna.

So if you live in Greenland or Iceland and don't have any access to TV :verysurprised , or in Europe where nobody sells such antennas :frown , and want to watch BIG DISH satellite TV, all is not lost, contact us today and we will quote you an excellent price!!!

Send your RFQ to:

#1 Supplier of TVRO Satellite Equipment in North America

(I am not on this forum often and don't check forum PMs, so please email me for faster service)

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