openatv-6.4-zgemmah7-20200402 quick review.

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openatv-6.4-zgemmah7-20200402 quick review.

Post by belter-one » Fri Apr 03, 2020 2:57 pm


Having an extra ZGemma H7 receiver, giving a recent openATV build a basic acceptance test (BAT) sounded like fun. Here are some observations:

1. The GUI appearance is more refined and polished overall
a. The fonts being used throughout are more elegant.
b. The virtual keyboard is much improved.
c. The resolution of a transponder is displayed as "?x?" until the transponder is actually resolved, then the observed resolution is displayed.

2. The Timer list has been improved.
a. Entries are resorted correctly (chronologically) by entering and saving the entry back on the way out.
b. A bug I observed when a time interval from "00:59" to "02:01" would yield a 1551 minute recording has been fixed. Nice.

3. Some transponders where the sound was not extracted correctly has been fixed, after being broken in 6.2x.

4. The Fast software blindscan is finding more channels. Not all of them, but more of them. I will attempt to improve this and submit to the group.

5. Many more radio channel transponders are now being found and tuned correctly.

Overall a great improvement.



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