Single LNB for partial xponders

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Single LNB for partial xponders

Post by Gregtheham » Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:56 am

Is it possible to use a single KU dish and typical FTA
LNB (wth an active ,current 2019 year Shaw STB) to receive partial channel servivice, pointing at either 107w or 111west.

Or- Can I use two independent dishes and a switch ( even a mechanical coax switch as I am not sure how to Us Shaw box setup to work with sw21 or disqswitch etc. .setting vs xponder etc) The LNB I try May be from an older linear starchoice or universal..I have to see what I have.

I believe Shaw has gone to all mpeg 4 hi def xponders. Which xponder freq is use for ITC tuning/aiming on each bird, or is it just used on one bird among and then relies on the xKu LNB. It appears only 107 and 111 are listed on Lynsat etc, but is this LNB not for 3 bird spacing, or is it 2 birds, but with 2 I.F.s for the higher frequency Xponder ? Have tried to find answers on line, but NG.

Just wanting to avoid moving a GFs dish from her summer to my winter location (10km apart) or purchasing new second dish. For my GFs system..
Don’t know why she bothers- Her channel lineup sucks. She typically only watches one or 2 of the channels. - thus ok with partial channel service if right bird/ xponder can match up those 2 channels with a universal LNB pointed at one bird only.
May just put account on hold..and use ATSC and my Cband.

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