Installed new lnb 10750. Works

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Installed new lnb 10750. Works

Post by Z_finigan » Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:04 pm

I got my new lnb yesterday. My fta box only showed correct frequencies when set to 10750. So I ordered a dual KU lnb. And installed it in my second 10 foot c band satellite. It works. I'm hoping no more rain fade.

The satellite they installed did not have a full view and at the time was the only place to put it. But it would go out all the time..

To let you know. The lnb works with my Orby box.. I plan to hook the lnb to my satellite switch and hope it works. So it will be in every room. When I get more boxes...

So if you don't have money for a new dish or have an old one. You just need to replace the lnb. I'll test it on my little 18 inch one. To make sure it works.

And if it does. 20 dollar upgrade and a lnb holder. And all you will need is a box...

I understand Orby may not make money off the satellite... But if that is the difference between having a customer or not. If encourage it.but only to customers who don't have the extra 150 laying around.

The only thing nice about a normal lnb. Is you can use it for fta. Also turn the lnb not the whole dish to skew it.
That makes it easier too...

I'll keep you posted.

I have a c band satellite being used also. I just want to help people out. Who don't have the money or can't get a c band satellite free TV.
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